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Electrochemical Performance Study of Solar Cells Made of the Perovskite Material
Weiping Liu and Fangzhou Jin

Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have low cost and high photoelectric conversion efficiency (PCE), but their performance still needs to be improved. This paper analyzed the electrochemical performance of PSCs by additives. First, PSCs with sulfamic acid (SA) and fumaric acid (FMAC) as additives were prepared; then, the electrochemical properties to be measured were briefly introduced. It was found that the electrochemical properties of both SA-PSCs and FMAC-PSCs were effectively improved compared with the standard samples, their photovoltaic conversion efficiency (PCE) was 18.46% and 19.48%, respectively, and they showed better stability. After aging experiments, the PCE of SA-PSCs and FMAC-PSCs was 74.7% and 76.8% of that before the experiments; after light experiments, the PCE of SA-PSCs and FMAC-PSCs was 52.4% and 54.6% of the pre-experimental ones, which were superior to the standard PSC samples. The experimental results verify the optimization effect of additives on PSCs, which is beneficial to further improving PSCs performance.

Keywords: Perovskite solar cells, additives, open-circuit voltage, performance, photovoltaic conversion efficiency

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