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Simulating LiH on IBM Qiskit
Rimon Ranjit Das and Shivani A. Kumar

The exponential scaling of quantum states results in greater processing costs, making it impossible to simulate complex quantum systems on conventional supercomputers. In order to overcome this obstacle, quantum computers simulate one quantum system using another quantum system. In the current study, a method for simulating basic molecules like LiH that uses the Variational Quantum Technique, a far less computationally expensive algorithm, is used. By selecting a suitable trial function in this case, we also theoretically verify the results and present everything in a very straightforward way. Until we transcend the NISQ constraint of fault-tolerant quantum computers, this approach uses extremely shallow circuits to determine the minimal energy eigenvalue of a molecule.

Keywords: variational principle; Jordan-Wigner; parity; Bravyi-Kitaev

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