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p. 3
A Family Recipe Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs By Sally Mann
Reviewed by Trish Crapo

p. 6
Becoming Children South Side Girls: Growing Up in the Great Migration By Marcia Chatelain
Crescent City Girls: The Lives of Young Black Women in Segregated New Orleans By LaKisha Michelle Simmons
Reviewed by Tamara Beauboeuf-Lafontant

p. 8
An Activist in Her Own Right Eleanor Marx: A Life By Rachel Holmes
Reviewed by Linda Gordon

p. 10
Poetry By Alice Friman

p. 11
Add These to Your Queue Women’s Cinema, World Cinema: Projecting Contemporary Feminisms By Patricia White
Reviewed by Erin Trahan

p. 13
Color Politics Remix God Help the Child By Toni Morrison
Reviewed by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan

p. 14
Cartoon Timebomb, or How I Discovered Sybil Lamb, My New Fave Queer Woman Author & Artist By Cristy C. Road

p. 16
The Unrecoverable Recovered The Match Girl and the Heiress By Seth Koven
Reviewed by Lisa Rodensky

p. 19
Good Reads Outrunning Sadness By Trish Crapo

p. 21
Imagining Alternative Worlds Gaming at the Edge: Sexuality and Gender at the Margins of Gamer Culture By Adrienne Shaw
Reviewed by Carmen Maria Machado

p. 23
Should a Feminist Dance Tango? Dancing Tango: Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World By Kathy Davis
The Gods of Tango By Carolina De Robertis
Reviewed by Debra Cash

p. 25
The Politics of Hair Plucked: A History of Hair Removal By Rebecca M. Herzig
Reviewed by Rachel Somerstein

p. 27
Vigorous Minds Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Her Daughter Mary Shelley By Charlotte Gordon
Reviewed by Gina Luria Walker

p. 30
Nothing Wasted Penelope Fitzgerald: A Life By Hermione Lee
Reviewed by Ana Isabel Keilson