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Estimation of Laser Shock Peening Induced Plastic Deformation in Hastelloy-X Superalloys
S. Nath, P. Shukla, X. Shen, A. Behera and J. Lawrence

The goals of the present study are to strengthen a new, Hastelloy-X superalloys by prestressing the surface with laser-plasma driven shock waves and also to quantify the effect of Laser Shock Peening (LSP) on the evolution of phase, residual stress (both through thickness and on the surface), dislocation density, and hardness of Hastelloy-X superalloys. Dislocation densities in the peened and unpeened samples were measured by Wiliamson and Smallman approach to analyze the severity of plastic deformation following LSP surface treatment. The maximum compressive residual stress measured on the peened surface of Hastelloy-X samples using incremental hole-drilling technique was 850 MPa. In addition, it was found that the LSP parameters have a dominant effect in tailoring the surface hardening behavior and residual stress in Hastelloy-X superalloys.

Keywords: Laser shock peening, residual stress, incremental hole drilling, dislocation density, strain hardening

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