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p. 3
Feminist Geography Finding the Movement: Sexuality, Contested Space, and Feminist Activism By Anne Enke
Reviewed by Ann Snitow

p. 5
Biblical Womanhood Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement By Kathryn Joyce
Righting Feminism: Conservative Women and American Politics By Ronnee Schreiber
Reviewed by Abby Scher

p. 8
NGO-graphy Women’s Social Activism in the New Ukraine: Development and the Politics of Differentiation By Sarah D. Phillips
Reviewed by Sonia Jaffee Robbins

p. 10
Desperate Housemates The Essential Dykes to Watch Our For By Alison Bechdel
Reviewed by Trina Robbins

p. 12
Who’s Crazy Now? Mad, Bad, and Sad: Women and the Mind Doctors By Lisa Appignanesi
Reviewed by Rebecca Steinitz

p. 15
Your Wicked Good Militia The School on Heart’s Content Road By Carolyn Chute
Reviewed by Mary Zeiss Strange

p. 17
Engaged Poetry Sea Change By Jorie Graham
Rising, Falling, Hovering By C.D. Wright
One Secret Thing By Sharon Olds
Reviewed by Carol Bere

p. 19
Poetry By Kate Daniels

p. 20
Good Reads Trapped
Lark and Termite By Jayne Anne Phillips
All the Living By C. E. Morgan
Coventry By Helen Humphreys
Reviewed by Trish Crapo

p. 22
Photography Facing Peace: Families Surviving Violence By Carolyn M. Goldstein Photos by Lisa Kessler

p. 24
Reforming the Church Catholic and Feminist: The Surprising History of the American Catholic Feminist Movement By Mary J. Henold
Reviewed by Frances Kissling

p. 25
Let The Good Work Go On Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins: Black Daughter of the Revolution Edited By Lois Brown
Reviewed by Andrea N. Williams

p. 27
B-Movie Aspirations The Female Complaint: The Unfinished Business of Sentimentality in American Culture Edited By Lauren Berlant
Reviewed by Heather Love

p. 30
The Changing of the Guard Telling Histories: Black Women Historians in the Ivory Tower Edited by Deborah Gray White Women’s Studies on the Edge Edited by Joan Wallach Scott
Reviewed by Lois Rita Hembol