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p. 3
The Pros and Cons of Reproduction Why Have Children? The Ethical Debate By Christine Overall
Reviewed by Rosemarie Tong

p. 5
Women Legislators & Party Politics Women and Congressional Elections: A Century of Change By Barbara Palmer and Dennis Simon
How Women Represent Women: Political Parties, Gender, and Representation in the State Legislatures By Tracy L. Osborn
Reviewed by Glenna Matthews

p. 8
Becoming a Person of Significance As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks 1964-1980 By Susan Sontag, edited by David Rieff
Reviewed by Harriet Malinowitz

p. 10
An International Civil Rights Pioneer Thyra J. Edwards: Black Activist in the Global Freedom Struggle By Gregg Andrews
Reviewed by Dayo F. Gore

p. 12
Hidden in Plain Sight Amy Lowell: Diva Poet By Melissa Bradshaw
Reviewed by Donna K. Hollenberg

p. 14
We Don’t Need a Piece of Paper From City Hall – Or Do We? One Marriage Under God: The Campaign to Promote Marriage in America By Melanie Heath
Not Just Roommates: Cohabitation After the Sexual Revolution By Elizabeth H. Pleck
Reviewed by Ruth Sidel

p. 16
Saying “Yes” to Life The Book of Life: Selected Jewish Poems 1979-2011 By Alicia Suskin Ostriker
Reviewed by Anita Diamant

p. 17
Poetry The Alice Poems By Jan Clausen

p. 18
Good Reads Finding Ourselves in History
Gun Dealers’ Daughter By Gina Apostol
The Virgin Cure By Ami McKay
The Life of Objects By Susanna Moore
Reviewed by Trish Crapo

p. 20
Cartoon By Annie Murphy

p. 21
Spare and Flagrant Inside/Out: Selected Poems By Marilyn Buck
Reviewed by Martha Gies

p. 23
A Queer Studies Foremother Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader By Gayle S. Rubin
Reviewed by Svati P. Shah

p. 25
Rebellious Sisters The Kings’ Mistresses: The Liberated Lives of Marie Mancini, Princess Colonna, and Her Sister Hortense, Duchess Mazarin By Elizabeth C. Goldsmith
Reviewed by Rosalind Delmar

p. 28
Black Lesbian Families Finding Community Invisible Families: Gay Identities, Relationships, and Motherhood Among Black Women By Mignon R. Moore
Reviewed by Julie Abraham

p. 30
A Time of Isms Bid Me to Live By H.D., edited by Caroline Zilboorg
Reviewed by Emily Wojcik