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p. 2
Now We Are Thirty Editorial By Amy Hoffman, Editor in Chief

p. 3
Women vs. Women Battling Miss Bolsheviki: The Origins of Female Conservatism in the United States  By Kirsten Marie Delegard
Reviewed by Kim Phillips-Fein

p. 5
Women Who Want to Be Women Delirium: How the Sexual Counterrevolution Is Polarizing America By Nancy L. Cohen
Reviewed by Kathryn Joyce

p. 8
Playground Proselytizing The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children By Katherine Stewart
Reviewed by Veronica I. Arreola

p. 9
The New Jim Crow for Women Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and America’s Prison Nation By Beth Richie
Reviewed by Jean Hardisty

p. 11
Bridging Past and Present Hearing Sappho in New Orleans: The Call of Poetry from Congo Square to the Ninth Ward By Ruth Salvaggio
Reviewed by Ginny Kaczmarek

p. 13
Reintroducing Rachel Carson On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson By William Souder
Reviewed by Joni Seager

p. 15
Poetry By Suzanne Carey

p. 16
Photography: Refusing to Be Intimidated Photographs by Stephanie Sinclair Commentary by Edie Gross

p. 18
Saving the Children Somebody’s Children: The Politics of Transracial and Transnational Adoption By Laura Briggs
Finding Fernanda: Two Mothers, One Child, and a Cross-Border Search for Truth By Erin Siegel
Reviewed by Martha Nichols

p. 21
The Passport to Hell Sex and the Office: A History of Gender, Power, and Desire By Julie Berebitsky
Reviewed by Priscilla Murolo

p. 23
Field Notes: Stranger to Nothing Vinculum By Alice Friman
Reviewed by Robin Becker

p. 24
Gym Class Blues Active Bodies: A History of Women’s Physical Education in Twentieth-Century America By Martha H. Verbrugge
Reviewed by Laura Pappano

p. 27
Voices from the Margins Walking Backwards By Shirley Geok-lin Lim
Spirit Birds They Told Me By Mary Oishi
Reviewed by Maria Melendez

p. 29
All Things Marylin Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox By Lois Banner
Reviewed by Diana Postlethwaite

p. 30
An Ode to Women’s Review of Books on the Occasion of Her 30th Anniversary By Kate Clinton

p. 31
TV Heroines Those Girls: Single Women in Sixties and Seventies Popular Culture By Katherine J. Lehman
Reviewed by Lori Rotskoff