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p. 4
Shelf Life Convenience Store Woman By Sayaka Murata
Reviewed by Laurie Stone

p. 6
Sleeping Beauty My Year of Rest and Relaxation By Ottessa Moshfegh
Reviewed by Kimberly Cutter

p. 8
Hush Hour Vox By Christina Dalcher
Reviewed by Hagar Scher

p. 9
The Mother Position Idiophone By Amy Fusselman
The Carrying By Ada Limón
Reviewed by Jan Clausen

p. 11
Driver’s Ed Mirror, Shoulder, Signal By Dorthe Nors
Reviewed by Katharine Coldiron

p. 12
Trouble The Terrible By Yrsa Daley-Ward
Reviewed by Erika Gallion

p. 13
Airless In Argentina People in the Room By Norah Lange
Reviewed by Katharine Coldiron

p. 15
Litany Of Madness Freshwater By Akwaeke Emezi
Reviewed by Heather Hewett

p. 16
Photography Face To Face
Images by Olivia Gay; Comment by Ellen Feldman

p. 18
Charged The Power By Naomi Alderman
Reviewed by Kait Heacock

p. 19
Super-Sight Berenice Abbott: A Life in Photography By Julia Van Haaften
Reviewed by Carole DeSanti

p. 21
Independent Women The Occasional Virgin By Hanan al-Shaykh
Reviewed by Valerie Miner

p. 22
Tough Love I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness By Austin Channing Brown
Reviewed by Erynn Porter

p. 23
Mother Of Doubt Motherhood By Sheila Heti
Reviewed by Lily Diamond

p. 25
Graphic Depictions
Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life By Ellen Forney
Graphic Reproduction: A Comics Anthology Edited by Jenell Johnson
Reviewed by Tahneer Oksman

p. 27
Inside Fighter Amateur: A True Story About What Makes a Man By Thomas Page McBee
Reviewed by Kate Schatz

p. 29
Flint Lives Matter The Poisoned City: Flint’s Water and the American Urban Tragedy By Anna Clark
Reviewed by Bridgett M. Davis

p. 31
Listen Up Five Attempts By Elena Ruiz