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  • Solar Panel Processing

    Robert Castellano’s Solar Panel Processing discusses solar cell technology including theory of operation, efficiency, materials, research on silicon processing, thin-film processing, polymer processing, nanoparticle processing, and transparent conductors. The handbook presents detailed descriptions of thin film processing of amorphous silicon, CdTe, CIGS, and GaAs panels. This handbook examines traditional crystalline […]

  • OCP Science Monographs & Treatises on Advances in Unconventional Computing and Cellular Automata Series

    Maurice Margenstern’s (University Paul Verlaine, Metz) Cellular Automata in Hyperbolic Spaces, Volume II: Implemantation and Computations, advances the novel results presented in his Cellular Automata in Hyperbolic Spaces, Volume I: Theory (2007) on a location of tiles in many tilings of the hyperbolic plane. These results are applied in further […]

  • Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites: From Macro to Nanoscale

    Technological innovation in the field of materials is driven by the identification of new needs for special materials. The history of materials may have begun with stone and wood, growing to metals-natural, synthetic, hybrids and others. Humanity’s needs have led to the production of fibres, textiles, sheets, composites, smart materials […]

  • Ekeland Variational Principle with Variants and Generalizations

    The Ekeland variational principle, formulated by Ivar Ekeland in 1972, is the foundation of modern variational calculus. Among its findings there are numerous and various applications which are developed and described in Ekeland Variational Principle with Variants and Generalizations, by Irina Meghea (University Politehnica, Bucharest): geometry of Banach spaces, nonlinear […]